Things To Do Caitlyn Farms 664 Caitlyn Farms is the perfect place for weddings, receptions, reunions, fund raising events, bridal showers or any party. The facility can handle large groups and has outdoor areas for special gatherings. The Ice Cream Barn 662 The Ice Cream Barn is family owned and operated- offering 32 flavors of Hershey's ice cream and a variety of homemade treats! Bradley Nature Preserve at Alexanders Ford 634 The Preserve was acquired through multiple grants to help tell the story of the Overmountain Men, a rag-tag group of area militia that chased down a British general during the Revolutionary War and won a piviotal battle at Kings Mountain. Blue Wall Passage 635 The Blue Wall Passage crosses pristine natural areas managed by The Nature Conservancy and home to more than 100 species of birds. Poinsett Reservoir Passage of the Palmetto Trail 636 Poinsett Reservoir Passage travels the mountain ridges along the northern boundary of Poinsett Watershed. This pristine watershed of 19,000 acres contains the headwaters feeding Poinsett Reservoir of the Greenville Water System.